Three locations – one skiing destination

180 kilometres of pistes and 33 lifts on mountains up to 3,000 metres in height await winter sports enthusiasts in the newly created winter residence.

The Swiss cross in the flag has been taken literally by Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis and has been transformed to a 'plus' for the winter experience. In addition to skiing, guests can discover lots of other winter attractions here.


These include special piste highlights, a downhill run on virgin freeride slopes and a wide variety of culinary delights. These range from specially equipped KidsArenas in the restaurants to rustic pubs and sunny terraces with mountain panoramas. 

Andermatt – Gemsstock

Perfect deep snow, challenging steep slopes, downhill runs of over 1,500 metres in altitude.  In the Andermatt-Gemsstock ski area, powder snow experts get their money's worth.  At a height of almost 3,000 metres, the Gemsstock is the ideal place for off-piste fun in the Gotthard region.  From November to May, freeriders will find the perfect lines on snow-covered slopes here.  The courses of the Avalanche Training Center ensure a safe deep snow experience.  Crack skiers can demonstrate their skills on the glacier run and in the footsteps of an Olympic champion on the Bernhard-Russi-Run. Andermatt-Gemsstock - the home of freeriders and expert skiers. 

Andermatt – Oberalppass – Sedrun

Long downhill runs - not too flat, not too steep and always varied.  In other words, in the Oberalppass ski area everything is just right.  It never gets boring for skiers - especially when you can watch the freestylers in the ACE Snowpark - and maybe even try your own skills on the kickers.  Or maybe you'd rather try the boardercross slope? There's something for everyone here, and the MGBahn takes you almost up to the lift. Oberalppass simply has a little of every ‘plus’ feature. 


Dreamlike winter landscapes, deep powdery snow and that breathtaking mountain feeling combined with the most diverse winter sports activities - that's what the Disentis ski area has to offer. Whether with climbing skins, on foot, with snowshoes, simply on skis or even with a paraglider: Disentis is the perfect place for skiers and alternative winter sports enthusiasts. Those looking for extra action can even ride the slopes on fatbikes before and after the start of skiing. Disentis is the ideal place to get to know winter in all its facets.