Add a plus to your family time!

In Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis there are very special highlights for families: from children's slopes to KidsArenas and family restaurants.

MATTI KidsArena

A great experience for children

MATTI the brown bear, doesn’t get the chance to hibernate in Andermatt. There’s simply too much going on. The mascot of the MATTI Kids- Arena feels most at home on the sunny slope between Nätschen and Gütsch. There children can practise their skiing or snowboarding, so that they can soon ski with the grown-ups. Alternatively they can simply mess around in the snow and have fun. And when their stomachs start rumbling, it’s off to the bear’s cave by the middle station of theGütsch Express. The MATTI family restaurant has been especially designed for children, and after eating they can play in the bear’s cave by the honey tree before returning to the family piste.

middle station Gütsch-Express

2 magic carpets


Sheltered fun in the snow

Realp is the ideal place for kids who are feeling cold, because here it is mostly windless and therefore very mild. No biting cold, no cold wind - and instead many hours of sunshine. Realp offers great conditions for beginners and families who are trying out winter sports equipment for the first time. Access to the piste couldn’t be more convenient: there’s free parking right in front of the lift, where you can immediately strap on your skis. The first attempts begin on the Zauberteppich conveyor. Those who are a little more confident on their skis are then gently introduced to the ski lifts on the children's tow lift. That really makes the introduction to winter sports child's play! In Realp, skiing skills are gradually improved. Those who are sufficiently confident can then try the bigger ski slopes in Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis.

Hausmatt in Realp

2 skilifts

DRUNI KidsArena

Beginners' garden & adventure mountains

Snowpark Valtgeva and the new DRUNI Kids- Arena are located right next to the Sedrun railway station. That means no dragging skis over long distances to the lift. And on the children's slope in the KidsArena, parents won't lose sight of their kids. The slope is gentle and ideal for those first attempts at winter sports. Next they head to the so-called “Beginners' garden”.

This is an absolute highlight for kids, but adults are also guaranteed to have fun here. The snowtubing run is an experience for the whole family. The 143 metre long elevator is shared by snow tubers, skiers and snowboarders, so no one has a strenuous climb up the mountain. And after fun on the piste, the DRUNI family restaurant offers great meals.

next to the Sedrun railway station

1 magic carpet

2 skilifts


Caischavedra Practice lifts

From beginner to expert

In Disentis, too, there are two perfect lifts for those first attempts on skis. On the practice lifts in the Caischavedra area, those first moves on skis or snowboards are made easy for junior skiers.

The special ‘plus’ for families is that parents can be close to their kids and still enjoy descents of all levels of difficulty. Alternatively, they can watch their children learning to ski from the sun terrace of the nearby restaurant. As soon as everyone has acquired the right skills they can move on from Caischavedra straight to the lifts for the "grown-ups”.

Those who have had enough of skiing can visit the Disentis Adventure Club. Various events for kids are organised here, including sports tournaments, farm discovery tours, pizza schools and much more.

Disentis ski area

2 skilifts

1 magic carpet

Skiwiese Sax

First attempts in the snow for the little ones

On Skiwiese Sax the very little ones, in particular, really feel at home. Here junior skiing stars are offered a safe environment that enables them to approach their first skis without any stress or danger. It starts with the two 30-metre Sun-Kid Zauberteppichelevators (magic carpets), while advanced skiers can take the 370 metre long button lift. This enables the little ones to improve their skills quickly.

Those who have had enough of skiing can have fun on the snowtubing run or take a breather in three Indian tipis with drinks, snacks and fun games. This means that kids will never get bored, while at the same time they are not overtaxed. Attending a ski school is ideal for their first attempts in the snow, and expert support is guaranteed on Skiwiese Sax.

Via Sax 1, Disentis

1 skilift

2 magic carpets