ACE Snowpark

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A paradise for shred heads, featuring 10 to 15-metre high kickers, boxes, special waves, rail downs, snowpark tubes and much, much more - everything you need to get shred heads excited. On three lines with different levels of difficulty there are no limits to the creativity of freestylers.

The set-up in the Andermatt+Sedrun+DisentisACE Snowpark in Dieni is designed anew every year by the crew of park designer Raju Boog. Between backflips, Cab 270 and slides, shredders can relax in the Chillout Area on lounge furniture with cool sounds and drinks. Another highlight in the park is the "CrossPark” boarder-cross piste: the 800m descent to the Tegia Gronda Flyer is via waves, tables, jumps and five steep bends. Youngsters can race through the Funcross over smaller obstacles.