Off-piste activities

A landscape full of possibilities

Cross-country skiing

Allround training for body and mind

Cross-country skiing is a whole-body workout, strengthens the bones and muscles, protects the joints, improves coordination and calms the mind. If you have never been on cross-country skis before, you should try it now in Andermatt+ Sedrun+Disentis! All cross-country skiers will relish the rapid descents, challenging climbs and leisurely sections gliding along the Rhine. The frost-covered woods and untouched snow-white landscapes are constant companions. The night cross-country ski runs near Disentis and Andermatt are particularly romantic. Thespecial ‘plus’ is that with the Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis ski pass, the cross-country ski runs in Andermatt, Sedrun and Disentis are easily accessible on the Matterhorn Gotthard railway.


Relaxation without boredom

The ideal way to get to know winter from its relaxing side is to attach snowshoes to your winter boots. Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis has magical winter trails to offer. Sometimes they take you over a frozen mountain lake, and sometimes past an icy waterfall. Some paths offer breathtaking views across the valley, others follow the tracks of the old mule drivers who transported goods over the mountains with animals. Sometimes a river like the Furka or the Oberalpreuss accompanies the way, while other paths wind along the famous Goldfinger bend from the James Bond film of 1964. Snowshoeing in Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis is good for both body and soul.

Winter hiking

Every hiking trail has its own highlights

Enjoy the winter in a quiet, relaxing way without much fuss. Equipped only with winter shoes and walking poles, crossing untouched white winter landscapes. You will be accompanied by the soft sound of your steps in the snow and the cold cloud of your breath. Winter can be so beautiful in its pristine form. Wide views of the villages, majestic views of the Gotthard Furka massif, incomparable panoramic views: every hiking trail in Andermatt+ Sedrun+Disentis has its own special features. There’s much to discover!


On the toboggan, ready, go!

Get on and off you go: tobogganing is really something anyone can do. In Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis there are toboggan runs for every taste - a real delight for toboggan fans - whether it's a gentle ascent on the Oberalppass road from Nätschen to Andermatt, exclusive toboggan runs in Milez Dieni, or the toboggan slope with a view in Disentis. The toboggan run from Tiefenbach along Furkapassstrasse to Realp is also spectacular. After a two-hour ascent, the effort is rewarded with an excitingly fast descent. And Swiss fondue tastes especially good after such a tour – that’s a promise!


Fun on skates for everyone

Ice skating is a winter ‘plus’ for the whole family. Once you have rented the skates and put them on, at first you stand rather unsteadily on the ice. Penguins and bears will keep you upright during your first attempts on the ice. And you’ll soon find things going pretty well. If you fall down once in a while it's not so bad, thanks to your thick winter outfit - the kids will certainly find it funny. The ice rinks in Andermatt and Sedrun are a cool family hotspot and a great idea for something to do when the weather is a little cloudy. And on the ice rink in Disentis not only ice skating but also ice hockey or curling are the order of the day.


A chubby ride

Do you know how to ride a bike? Then fatbiking will be no problem! On thick tyres you can ride through the snow just as safely as if you were cycling. On specially-designed trails you can cover much longer distances between Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis than on foot or cross-country skis. And you’ll do so with a smile on your face. If you like speed, Disentis is the right place for you. On some days before and after skiing, the lifts are only opened for fatbikers: this guarantees an adrenaline kick on the slopes.


Feet up and off you go

Take your seat in an inner tube, put your feet up and you’re off! You're already speeding down the snowtubing slope in the DRUNI KidsArena or in Disentis on the Saxwiese. Sometimes going forwards, sometimes backwards. On your belly or your back. Alone or in pairs. There are almost no limits to the possibilities. It’s a lot of fun for the whole family when you’re not skiing or when the weather isn’t so good. By the way: the Zauberteppichelevator takes you uphill in style. No effort, just a lot of fun! That’s snowtubing in Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis.


Rolling with laughter

Never heard of Zorbing? Then it's high time you did. With zorbing you are inside an inflatable, double-walled ball and are thus protected on all sides. Once in the ball you can do all sorts of crazy things: play football, simply rolling around, sumo wrestling or - very popular - run into each other at full speed. Nothing can happen to you with the air-filled sphere acting as a buffer - except for the fact that you will roll around in laughter. In Disentis a range of events are organised with these balls. A 'plus' for fun all the year round!