A paradise for cool kids and adventure seekers

Finally, we're leaving! I've been waiting for this day for ages – I’m so excited to go skiing! 

At last, Mum and Dad sit down, and the train departs. If you look out of the window you feel queasy as the train runs along the precipitous route. But Dad says I don't have to be afraid: The train has been travelling on this route for almost a hundred years. It takes only two and a half hours to get from Zurich to Disentis, but I can hardly wait.

From the train onto the tubes

The train stops and I'm out – again, my parents are slow and need more time. Thank God it's not far to the Catrina Hotel. I’m jumping up and down in the room and urge my parents to hurry. I know exactly what I want to do today. "Can we go snow tubing, please?" I ask. Mama smiles and says: "Right after we've rented our ski equipment". "Woo-hoo!" I shout. We walk to the aerial tram DisentisCaischavedra which is directly opposite the hotel. Half an eternity later - Mama says it’s been only 15 minutes - we are standing at the conveyor belt, waiting in anticipation. I’m going first and because I'm already grown, I'm allowed to ride the tube all by myself. Daddy pushes me: huuuuuiiiiiii! I want to go again! My parents have lots of fun, too. When the sun is setting, we head home. Tomorrow we will start with the ski course. I know our schedule because my mum has already booked my course from home via the Internet. That was easy-peasy.

Watching the kids from the children's restaurant

I'm a bit nervous when I have to demonstrate my skills - but I make it into the advanced group. Hooray! Mum and Dad tell me that they will go out of Disentis to try the new connection between Andermatt and Sedrun, but will immediately be back if I need anything. There’s only one thing I need: Skiing! Now! Let’s go! My stomach is growling. I hope that there will be Wienerli with chips in the family restaurant Caischavedra today. Yes, there are certainly healthier choices - my parents can have them. In the afternoon, Mum and Dad come to pick me up. They are in a really good mood today. Now they even want to eat cake at Caischavedra. The restaurant is right next to the pony track. I suspect that Mum and Dad have been watching me from there and are already finishing their second cake. But okay, we are on holidays! As long as I get my chocolate cake! Uff, but now I'm dog-tired - thank God it's not far to the hotel.

Bad weather? Finally we can do all the cool things!

Oh dear, today the weather is not so good. In the ski school, however, skiing is still fun. In the afternoon it’s getting even cloudier - so Mum and Dad pick me up early. Today we’re going to do the bad weather programme! I was secretly looking forward to it! I know exactly what we’re going to do now: Maybe ice skating, which is a good laugh when my dad lands on his ass. Or tobogganing, but my mum always chides dad and me when we’re not braking. We make a compromise. We go to the steep toboggan run in Milez-Rueras, and Mama gets to enjoy a Swiss Fondue in the Fonduestübli in Andermatt. One would think that this is a long way, because Andermatt is even in a different canton than Disentis. Canton is the Swiss word for federal state - Andermatt lies in the canton of Uri. Sedrun and Disentis are parts of Graubünden. That's what my mother told me.

Apropos: In Andermatt there is Matti, the bear with his den in the cool family restaurant! By the way, Matti is a bear because it is the heraldic animal of Andermatt. "May I please come with you," I beg my parents. They're not completely convinced yet, but I'll get them to do it. First of all, toboggan!

Always those sentimental parents

Mum didn't scold me, and the toboggan run wasn’t icy. In the next few days, mum get to enjoy her fondue, before we go to the Fonduestübli, I finally meet Matti in Andermatt and I’m making good progress in the ski course in Disentis. We even took the long chairlift and in the ski race on Friday I was one of the fastest! Mum and Dad are very proud. "We have a surprise for you because you’ve been so good," they tell me. I'm already looking at them expectantly. They don't tell me where we are going. Suddenly we stand in front of a field full of plastic balls where people are stuck inside doing funny things. "Did you ever want to get into one of those things? It's called zorbing," Dad says, and I'm nodding all excited. My parents smile so weirdly at each other and Mum is saying: "Oh look how his eyes are shining." Yuck, now they're kissing. I'd rather be up and away in the next adventure!